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Botox is a treatment to improve your facial wrinkles without surgery. Botox can ease down the frown lines, the crow's feet (wrinkles around the eyes) and some of the neck muscle bands.



The muscles are temporarily weakened, this relaxes the skin and slows down the wrinkles without changing your natural facial expression. You will appear more rested and less tensed. The Botox injections are also used very commonly after performing cosmetic surgery of the face, for example, after an eyelid surgery, an eyebrow or forehead lift, a facelift, laser or chemical peel skin resurfacing (procedures used to smooth down wrinkles). When Botox injections are used after these surgeries, it will enhance or may prolong the improved appearance resulting from the cosmetic surgery.

Botox contains Botulinum A toxin, which is the active medicine. It is injected into the muscles of the face, where the wrinkles are present. This procedure is performed at the office, and takes between ten to fifteen minutes to complete, although it takes between four days to two weeks for the Botox to fully work. Depending upon your individual anatomy, body functions and how often you use your muscles for expression, the effects of the Botox injections may last about 3 to 4 months or more.

After receiving the Botox injections, you may return to work as usual, but avoid any heavy, strenuous activities, such as aerobic exercises, bending your head down, lifting heavy weights, etc. for about four to six hours.

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